Who We Are

eIMPACT is headquartered in White Salmon, WA, where we enjoy great quality of life along with an awesome tech community in which to grow our company (see the full report here!). In addition to being data geeks, we are extremely (and obsessively) focused on our clients' success. We are also committed in an inclusive company culture built on guiding principles of mutual respect and accountability.

Our Story

As economic data and software experts, our journey began while helping a client solve an urgent data reporting problem. They were spending excessive amounts of time and budget on one-off data analysis, reporting and manual data collection. With demands on staff time increasing, they needed a partner to take reporting off their plates and simplify their lives.

The idea of eIMPACT Report was born.

Within weeks of launch, our client realized dramatic results in policy advocacy, member engagement and saved staff time. The cost of the eIMPACT Report solution was returned several times over.

After we helped our first client we realized the same problem existed everywhere we looked: organizations everywhere are searching for ways to tell their economic story more effectively. We have been on a mission to help drive results through data ever since.


Erik Larson


Erik is CEO of eIMPACT. Formerly the VP Customer Success, he maintains this customer-driven focus as the chief cook and bottle-washer. Erik has held leadership roles in startup and growth-stage companies in the data analytics space. He loves skiing, drumming, and being with his family (twin sons keep things interesting).

Michael Church


Michael is CFO of eIMPACT. Michael has over 20 years’ experience in investment and corporate finance and enjoys the competitive and ever-changing work environment that the technology sector offers. Outside of work, Michael enjoys spending time with his two daughters, reading, skiing, mountain biking, and most other outdoor activities.

Richard Pfister

Director of Communications

Richard runs communications and outreach at eIMPACT. A journalist by training, he has been developing business and communication strategies for startups and other organizations for the past decade. Whenever possible, Richard likes to try out new downhill MTB trails in the Rockies.

Dirk Heniges

Senior Software Engineer

Software Developer with experience building, launching and scaling products for startups, Fortune 500s and non-profits. Dirk provides these services via BonkeyBong.