December 26, 2017, by Erik Larson

Getting Ready for the 2018 Sessions

Things are really busy here at eImpact as we help our clients gear up for the 2018 legislative sessions. Admittedly, we would have posted this sooner, if our growing to-do list hadn't gotten the long straw :)

It has been really interesting to see how the past 6 months have played out in advocacy teams we work with.

Summarized below is a user-friendly set of tips that we hope you find helpful as you head into the 2018 season. As practioners of data storytelling, we are pretty excited about the trends we are seeing. We'd love to hear your thoughts if you'd like to drop us a line.

  1. Coalitions are on the rise. There is perhaps nothing more powerful than a band of allies with a common interest. This is not a particularly new trend, but coalition-driven reports with specific policy focus areas are more popular this year than in previous years. We hope to have some public examples of this to show you soon...stay tuned.
  2. Engagement tracking over cold-calling. Like good sales people, advocacy teams are using more link view tracking of documents sent to staffers to get a sense of level of engagement. When the report gets clicked – that's the time to pick up the phone. This helps you prioritize your time and get more results.
  3. Digital over print. We may never see the day when people stop printing leave-behinds altogether, but the ship is turning. More than just saving paper, online data reports show a higher level of sophistication, according to our clients.

Here is a great example

We would love to hear your thoughts on your 2018 plans. And of course, we'd be happy to share more client success stories with you.