February 15, 2018, by Erin Barbaro

Do More Proposals (and Less Data Pulling)

Talking with executives engaged in economic development or regional planning, we frequently hear about the pressure to write more funding proposals. Grants offered by local government, foundations, private sector – there are so many potential sources out there that tracking and responding to them can be ... stressful.

There is help, however.

As most (if not all) proposals contain a data section what if you could not only remove that portion of your workload, but make it really stand out amongst the competition at the same time?.

Read on to learn more about the opportunities in on-demand data reporting.

More Time = More Proposals

  1. Time savings
    How many data websites do you access to complete an average proposal (e.g., ACS, QCEW, et al)? Once downloaded, how many hours does it then take to collate and format the data so it is useable? The proliferation of data sources that exist today make data easy to find, but equally easy to drown in. Collecting and wrangling data is low-value work compared to telling the story within the data to reinforce your messages.

    On-demand reporting solutions offer preassembled reports all the way from collection of raw data to formatting and presentation. This lets you cut out the time-consuming parts so you can put your time into the rest of the proposal process.

  2. Differentiation
    Differentiation is difficult. Each year brings more competition, fueled by innovative organizations and strategies. It is important to stand out, but words and numbers can only get you so far. One very effective way of differentiating your organization, region and/or program is through data visualization and storytelling.

    As a recent example, this data story was included in a proposal for Amazon HQ2. Scroll to see full report.

  3. More proposals
    With the time saved you and your team can put more hours into finding and completing more proposals. Anyone who has written grants or other funding proposals knows that it is a numbers game. The more opportunities you pursue, the more likely it is you will win bids.

Interested in learning more?

We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. At eImpact, we've created an "easy button" for on-demand data reports so you can focus your time where it counts.