April 23, 2018, by Erik Larson

Introducing Report View Analytics

Ever wonder whether that report or fact sheet you sent actually got read?

We heard from many organizations contemplating this question – so we answered it for them!

With report view analytics now you can track views over time, and by specific people based on their email. See how it works below, and let us know your thoughts!

Report View Analytics by eImpact

How It Works

1. Click Share Report

Every eImpact report has a 'share' button, which lets you share a direct link to the report, print it out or copy the report embed code for your website. Now, you'll see an 'email' option in the list. Click this option.

2. Enter Recipient Email

Just like sharing a Google doc or other file stored in the cloud, type in an email address. This generates a unique link for you to send to the recipient.

3. Track and Engage!

View trends and data for your report. Use these insights to prioritize followup and time your ongoing messaging.

Tell us your thoughts!

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