May 31, 2018, by Erik Larson

Introducing eImpact v2

We make it look like you have a team of data scientists.

Since we launched eImpact, we’ve learned a lot about what makes great reports that influence and impact. Our customers, including industry associations, cities and RDOs have shared great insights into what works well and what they wish they could have to be even more effective.

So today we’re excited to announce eImpact version 2! We’ve been working hard to make a new, better version of eImpact, and here are the features we’re most excited about.

What's new in v2

Key Features

  1. Ready to use reports
    We heard that people loved our data, but really wanted to have ready-to-use reports out of the box. So we’ve rebuilt eImpact from the ground up around common reports that associations, cities and RDOs need everyday. This includes overview reports, district fact-sheets, workforce and market segment reports, and many more. Each report is ready to use, download or share via a link with just a few clicks. Check out the different reports we offer.

  2. Data for unique areas
    In order to use data effectively, it has to be accurate. The biggest challenge we hear from customers is finding accurate information for the areas they care about: cities, tax districts, legislative districts, and everything in between. That’s why we’re excited to support unique areas in eImpact v2. We’re leveraging our new machine learning/AI powered infrastructure to generate accurate estimates for any area. You can get data by using our predefined areas (zipcodes, legislative districts, cities) or defining your own; we support shapefiles from your GIS team. For each area, you get validated, accurate data you can depend on. Read more about our sources and methodology here.

  3. Data Intelligence with trends and projections
    We’re moving beyond data reports into data intelligence. eImpact now includes more than 20 years of historical data for population, wages, industries and workforce, and automatically analyzes how things have changed over time. We’ve also developed a new model for projecting what data might look like in the future for different scenarios, including baseline trends, recession and high growth.

  4. Comparisons
    Sometimes the most important information is how you compare to your peers. Every report in eImpact now includes the ability to see how you stack up against peers or competitors you select. We’ll show where you rank for metrics important to you, including wages, unemployment, housing costs, and much more. Check out our complete list of data sources and examples of how others are using comparisons to influence and impact.

There a whole lot more in eImpact v2 you’ll love, including better printed reports, analytics and engagement tracking, new visualizations, presentation mode, third party data, and custom uploads.

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