June 19, 2018, by Erik Larson

Introducing Data Forecasting

Modeling the future scenarios of your community for smarter planning

We haven't built a crytal ball, but let's call it the next-best-thing :)
With data forecasting, you can access different economic scenarios in your community, from baseline growth, recession and high-growth. Previously the domain of expensive custom studies, eImpact has made forecasting available to all.

Below you can read how one of our clients is using data projections to look at upper and lower growth limits, addressing critical issues such as housing supply and infrastructure for each.

The Power of Projections

Scenario Planning In The Real World

    eImpact's baseline growth scenario is powered by data science that calculates the most likely growth outcome based on multiple parameters. Our client uses this scenario to establish the "middle of the road" for his planning.

    High growth scenarios are very helpful in addressing thorny issues such as housing supply. Will the current pace of construction support a big uptick in companies moving in and expanding? How does this capacity address residents of different household income brackets? These are the very questions our client uses eImpact forecasting to plan against, and hold important discussions with policy makers.

    Most of us like to avoid talking about downside scenarios. Leaving this view out leaves you vulnerable to future cycles in the economy. In the event of a recession, how many jobs will be shed and what pace? Sound planning takes into account resilient sectors that can shore up the economy while recovery is still years away.

There a whole lot more in eImpact v2 you’ll love, including better printed reports, analytics and engagement tracking, new visualizations, presentation mode, third party data, and custom uploads.

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