March 13, 2019, by Erik Larson

Data To Make Your Website Sing

The fastest way to tune up your website without a redesign.

We talk to organizations with small staff everyday, and over time some common themes from these conversations emerge. One such theme is concern over an existing (often outdated) website representing the organization effectively.

This concern is well-founded. Pew Research reports that 77% of Americans are online daily and 25% are online "almost constantly". The first impression your audience has of you is almost guaranteed to happen through your website.

How well does your website tell your story? We put together a quick blog post of some recent client work demonstrating how data can be used to create an engaging site that captures your audience's interest.

3 Great Website Data Dashboards

1. The profile of a community

Our client in Arvada, CO recently went live with their new data site. The data and styling are a seamless complement to the site overall, which helps them put their best foot forward.

City of Arvada data site – click image to view website

2. The impact of an industry

In advocacy, owning the narrative is everything. Solid data packaged in a way that gets the message across quickly has proven effective for the Arizona Technology Council.

The Arizona Tech Industry dashboard – click image to view website

3. The prosperity of a region

Regional development and planning groups need to address a wide range of stakeholders. This means making data not only accessible, but approachable. We love this example from Networks Northwest in Michigan.

The Prosperity Dashboard – click image to view website

Interested in learning more?

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