August 7, 2019, by Erik Larson

In the data, a story

Digging, slicing and dicing your way to a compelling narative

Many if not most organizations consume and publish data regularly. There is an abundance of data providers out there, from private companies to public agencies.

But what do you do when you need more than raw data and statistics alone? What if facts and figures actually work against you when you do the tedious work of providing them? These are valid questions we hear everyday from cities, counties and regions looking to grow employment or influence policy.

We put together a few good snippets of recent analysis eImpact has completed on behalf of its clients. Our goal is always to understand the real world conditions of a place in order to give data context and hopefully, a meaningful message.

A few examples of analysis performed by eImpact

  1. Workforce Specialization
    In a region where some economic indicators don't tell a great story, the right data can be the perfect attention grabber. In the example below, the comparative strength in one workforce specialization has proven to be an effective business attraction asset.

  2. Communicating Housing Affordability
    How can you create effective policy without understanding the issue based on real data? This was the question our client asked themselves before turning to us for help running the numbers. By providing stakeholders with a picture of the current affordability landscape, they were able to help move the issue forward towards a policy solution.

    This summary chart shows the number of housing units residents could afford based on their earning bracket.

  3. Forecasting Potential Futures
    Shy of a crystal ball, how can we understand what potential future scenarios mean for job creation and wages? At eImpact, we regularly prepare forecast analysis for our clients looking at scenarios including high growth, interest rate shock and recession.

    This chart shows the potential effect on job creation looking at different economic scenarios.

At eImpact, we live for stuff like this. When your team is tapped or that new data analyst isn't yet hired, we can perform analyses like these for you – with fast turnaround and highly responsive support.

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