September 3, 2019, by Erik Larson

Top Ways Clients Use Our Data Reporting Service

From recruiting employers to attracting a workforce, data plays a key role in the narrative.

There's such a wide range of EDOs out there and it is fascinating to learn how different teams approach the challenges they face. Because of this diversity of organizations eIMPACT naturally evolved along with our clients' interests – we went from a "one size fits all" product to a tailored service combining equal parts software and good ol' consulting "sleeves rolled up" services.

But it is our clients we have to thank for helping us see the opportunity to fill their needs when it comes to data. Below is a brief round-up based on actual clients and their different use cases.

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Intriguing businesses with the right data

City of Arvada, CO

eImpact gives us the data intelligence we need to plan for the future, and a way to communicate complex data visually. Now I have a great baseline to work from going forward.
~ Ryan Stachelski, City of Arvada

  • Economy and Business Report This report provides both baseline and forecasted data on the business ecosystem in Arvada. The data are used by a variety of stakeholders besides businesses, including city council, the public and city staffers/planners.

  • Real Estate Report This report covers the real estate market for office, retail and industrial. Used by developers, business tenants, and investors, this report goes beyond lease and vacancy rates and looks at interesting insights like revenue per square foot of retail and employment per square foot of office.

Check out a quick case study from the City of Arvada:

Attracting a specific workforce

Reno-Tahoe Region

Looking for engineers or robotics technicians as prospective residents means getting specific. That's why in Reno, the staff knew data would be a necessary part of the strategy. Savvy people will want to know how robust the job market is, what wages look like and more.
You can check out the full site live, here:

  • Current Employment Compared to Job Openings Showing employment levels for specific occupations (e.g., data scientists) requires both accurate jobs data as well as job openings. These come from very different sources, which makes this tricky. Providing the full picture, however, gives people a good grounding in the supply/demand equation, which boosts their confidence!

  • Map Your Competitors Data can work for you but also against you. eIMPACT helps its clients find the right data to tell the story, transparently. This map is a great example. It shows job growth between the neighboring markets, which includes the Bay Area! You'd think that'd be scary competition, but we helped show how Reno is ahead of the pack!

    Job growth heat map:

With eIMPACT, you own the data and the narrative in a cohesive package. We have lots of other examples, too many to post here, and we'd love to connect and share stories.
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