February 14, 2020, by Erik Larson

New Client Data Site - Lewisville Triangle

Using targeted data and narrative to feature a 0.4 square mile area.

The City of Lewisville, TX engaged us in a new challenge: presenting data to help attract grocers and restaurants to a food desert. An area packed with potential consumer base, the Lewisville Triangle lacked accessible (let alone walkable) grocery store options, along with a limited range of restaurants.

The nearly 5,000 person population in the 0.4 square mile area had to rely on more or less convenience store grocery aisles to bring home dinner, sometimes with multiple stops depending on your daily menu.

But inside this problem lies tremendous opportunity – the City of Lewisville just needed the data to back it up.

Click the image below to check out the Lewisville Triangle data story for yourself!

A Few Individual Data Visualizations from the Report

Maps! Using a customized mapping tool in eIMPACT, we were able to highlight key site features like traffic counts, public bus routes, parks and other attractive components:

Narrative of a Meal A very cool idea from our client, this diagram shows what it currently requires to make a taco dinner for a resident inside the Triangle:

Consumer Spending Speaks for itself.

We hope you've enjoyed this example from the City of Lewisville!

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