March 26, 2020, by Erik Larson

U.S. Job Postings Percent Change

From yesterday to a year ago, % change by occupation

It can be unsettling to say the least to fly blind, not knowing what's really going on in our job markets. To help put some data and color to it, we are publishing here the picture of change in job openings by occupation type across the U.S.

Clearly this view of the data strips out the naunces of local markets, individual companies and industry (we can help you with that, if you like) but it does give us a sense of where the tide is heading.

Notice anything funny? How about the notable negative percent change over the past 90 days, well before the coronavirus was an minutely news feed.

To aid in your interpretation, we set the scale of the bar chart to each column of data to show relative impact over the time period you are looking at. Click the column header to sort the data.

Stay tuned for further updates and take good care.

% Change in Job Openings in past 24 hours, 7, 30, 90 and 365 days

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