June 2, 2020, by Richard Pfister

Kansas Chamber Launches COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard

Tracking Data Key to Impactful Public Policy

Topeka, KAN – The Kansas Chamber, in partnership with eIMPACT, launched its Relief and Recovery Dashboard to track data indicators that are key to identifying and implementing impactful public policy that leads to economic growth.

"Now that our state and businesses are beginning to safely reopen, our elected leaders need to focus on enacting public policy that will lead to rapid economic growth," said Chamber President and CEO Alan Cobb.

"Kansas was one of the last states to fully recover from the 2008 - 2009 Great Recession," Cobb continued. "Much of the delay was because of barriers that prevented businesses from investing and expanding their operations. This dashboard will help to track whether the state is recovering from economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through statewide restrictions and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs."

The Chamber's dashboard is focused on three areas of data:

  1. Consumer and Business Spending
  2. Business Recovery
  3. Employment and Income

"Each area has multiple data sources that together will paint a picture of how Kansas is doing. Not only will these economic indicators allow investors and businesses to better forecast and plan their investments, but they will help Gov. Kelly and the Kansas Legislature identify regulations and statutes that need adjusting if Kansas is not recovering fast enough," said Cobb.

Cobb said the dashboard is part of the Chamber's effort to be a resource for Kansas businesses and state and community leaders during economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chamber tracks a list of critical business resources on its website, including an extensive list of county virus orders. Last month the Chamber released its Relief and Recovery Agenda which included more than 40 recommendations gathered from the state’s business community to help restart the state’s economy.

“We are happy to play our part as the data storytelling solution the Kansas Chamber can rely on to make its case to legislators and other stakeholders. The COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Dashboard is an automated solution to keep key indicators current and allow the Chamber to get the word out. This is a solution we are deploying for local communities as well, given the crisis and focus on recovery,” said Erik Larson, eIMPACT CEO.

The dashboard will be updated and reviewed on a monthly basis. Click here to learn more about it or go to https://www.kansaschamber.org/relief-recovery-dashboard.
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About the Kansas Chamber

Headquartered in Topeka, the mission of the Kansas Chamber is to continually strive to improve the economic climate for the benefit of every business and citizen and to safeguard our system of free, competitive enterprise. The Chamber's vision is to make Kansas a top state to do business.

The Chamber is member-driven, and its strength comes from hundreds of Kansas employers of every size. It listens to its members, develops a Legislative Agenda and then takes the issues and concerns of Kansas businesses directly to the policymakers.

The Kansas Chamber partners with other organizations and local chambers to promote legislation and policies focused on creating a more positive business climate that allows for more jobs and economic growth in Kansas and our communities.

Learn more about the Kansas Chamber at www.KansasChamber.org.


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