August 21, 2020, by Erik Larson

New Client Example: Fayette Chamber of Commerce

Create Your Story Workforce Recruitment Dashboard

Why keep your community's key advantages and selling points a secret? Of course no one would do so intentionally but often, when it comes to data, this is in fact the de facto outcome. If you don't present your community data in a clear and concise way on your marketing site, people have to go searching for it. Their ultimate takeaways might be far off from the message you present.

The Fayette Chamber in Fayette County, GA decided to take a proactive approach. With their recently launched Community Data Dashboard featured on their website, the Chamber is giving site visitors the data that makes the case for them.

Key data used in the dashboard include:

  1. Income
  2. Crime
  3. Housing
  4. Educational Attainment
  5. Key Industries/Opportunities

Fayette County, GA - Create Your Story

Scroll the frame to see the full dashboard

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