October 5, 2020, by Erik Larson

Using data to communicate your value

Member organizations are evolving new content in the COVID era

Membership organizations like chambers or business/economic development associations have historically relied heavily on events to create the thriving ecosystems they are uniquely capable of bringing about. For many businesses these ecosystems are at the heart of the value proposition for joining. In a covid world, this has all changed. Events have all but disappeared as we enter the fall season and a world heading increasingly indoors.

While frightening at first, leading chambers and associations got creative and found new streams of value for their members.

One of the emerging trends we are seeing at eIMPACT is a reliance on data as a few form of content and a means to communicate an organization's value.

There are few obvious reasons why this makes sense. First, while people are spending less time congregating they are spending more of that time online. New, fresh content on your website is essential and an opportunity to create new value.

Another reason organizations are focusing on data is that people have become hungry for it. Covid has trained us all to seek and interpret more data to keep us in the know and illuminate risks. How is the local business community fairing? This is a question we hear everyday at eIMPACT.

A simple visual can answer this question quickly, filling in that void of information

What about consumers – are they back to normal levels of spending? Has the unemployment boom drained their ability or confidence to make purchases?

Data like this can get your audience coming back to your website as a go-to source of up-to-date information.

Not everyone is concerned with economic recovery. Some, like the Fayette County, GA Chamber are recruiting businesses and residents to their area, seizing on this opportunity to grow and expand with a data-driven approach.

And because we're dorks about all things data (well, ok, I'm a dork), we just had to include this new heat map where you can hover over either map regions or the color-value slider at top to highlight PPP loans by zip code in Virginia (from a soon-to-be-released client dashboard...):

Interested in what a data dashboard could add to your organization's value proposition?

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