November 2, 2020, by Erik Larson

Federal Way Chamber Launches Recovery Dashboard

A customized snapshot of local recovery indicators, updated monthly

We've been working with the great folks at the Greater Federal Way Chamber for a few years now on various components of their data storytelling, from an overview of the economy to key industries. Following the disruption of the pandemic, the Chamber needed a way to understand and communicate the various vectors of impact and rebound, especially on the brick and morter businesses in the community and the workers themselves.

Within a week eIMPACT was able to stand up a recovery dashboard with 10 key indicators, updated monthly including:

  1. Small Businesses Open (monthly % change vs. 2019)
  2. Small Businesses Revenue (monthly % change vs. 2019)
  3. Foot Traffic by Location Visited (% change vs. pre-covid)
  4. Employment change
  5. Job Postings by Sector (monthly % change vs. 2019)
  6. Job Postings 30-day Trend (% change vs. 2019)

The dashboard is embedded right into the chamber website. Check it out here:

Go to to see the site

Every local and regional economy is different. That's why we customize every dashboard for our client's unique needs. All color scheme, logos and layout are designed to be seamless to our client's website, making sure they're the recognized leaders providing the data in uncertain times.

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