January 25, 2021, by Richard Pfister

New Client Data Site: Cumberland County, NJ

Reshaping the county's story with powerful data to make the case

Cumberland County is a diverse region in southern New Jersey, with a strong industrial heritage and incredible location along the eastern seaboard. From 50 miles of Delaware Bay shoreline to connections to the state and federal highway network, Cumberland County offers an ideal place to operate a business and settle down.

But the story Cumberland County was known for has historically been shaped by the presence of a landfill. Meanwhile, residents and businesses in surrounding regions are looking for opportunities to relocate for better quality of life, cost structure and acceess. Cumberland County has it all. The story just needed to be told.

We were thrilled to help the county tell this story through data, focusing on a few key highlights that support the messaging of the Cumberland County Industrial Authority economic development:

- Surplus workforce
- Key industries
- Location and quality of life
- Economic recovery

  1. Surplus workforce: with nearly 50% of resident workers commuting out for their job, prospective businesses have a great labor pool to work from
  2. Key industries: from manufacturing to health care to agriculture, the top industries in the county are employing well above the national average, a story just needing to be told
  3. Location and quality of life: beautiful coastline (oysters!), 2 1/2 hrs to NYC, say what?!
  4. Economic recovery: with strong essential industry presence the county is well ahead of the nation in economic recovery
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