February 4, 2021, by Richard Pfister

New Client Feature: Tehachapi, CA

Using drive-time area data to show the Tehachapi advantage

We hear from a lot of communities struggling to communicate their true potential, which far exceeds the city limits. Potential, such as retail trade area, labor shed or visitor/traffic volume.

Tehachapi, CA is a great example of one of these "best kept secrets": an amazing location to put a franchise, expansion site or relocation. When we met up with their economic development director, he knew exactly how the boundaries needed to be set around the community to tell the story – he just needed a little help getting the data and visualization in the right shape to put his community's best foot forward.

One of the things we love about the Tehachapi Advantage dashboard is the use of maps + data viz to create the best effect. Since this dashboard is embedded on the city's website, its true purpose is to intrigue and inform prospects when they're doing their research online. The map/chart combo orients the viewer upfront, while making the business case as you scroll down.

The Tehachapi Advantage

You can see the dashboard embedded on their website here.

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