June 23, 2021, by Richard Pfister

Nassau County IDA - Living and Doing Business

The community, the workforce, the economy all in one

The western half of Long Island in southern New York is Nassau County, where a half hour train ride lands you in Penn Station. Nassau County has all of the access with lower crime rates and better schools. Packing your bags already?

The story only gets better from there. 21% of the 25 and over population have graduate degrees and there are 3.2 million workers within the commute area. Huh.

Like many of our clients the key is getting the story out there, through the numbers. With their brand new website recently launched (developed by the venerable Millenium Group), the time was ripe for the Nassau County Industrial Development Authority to put their data story to work with visual, interactive dashboards, tailored to their community and business environment.

The Nassau data dashboard package is what we at eIMPACT call "le deluxe" – which is a complete set of dashboards across topic area:

  1. Doing Business Here
  2. Living Here
  3. Key Industries (4 in total)
    Each topic area has its own dashboard, embedded in the respective section of the website. You can check all of that out at the new Nassau County IDA website. *
    (Note: eIMPACT does not actually have a product line called le deluxe. This is my attempt at humor)

We've embedded the dashboard directly here. You can navigate to each topic area of the dashboards using the dropdown menu in the upper left:

We also just wanted to call out this snazzy Remote Workers heat map, since it is such a hot topic these days:

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