June 24, 2021, by Richard Pfister

San Francisco Chamber Launches StreetCareSF Dashboard

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Excerpted from the San Francisco Chamber press release. You can read the full release here

As part of its 171st Annual CityBeat Breakfast, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is unveiling their new data dashboard - which is solely focused on San Francisco’s street conditions. The new data set captures information on issues ranging from theft and broken window reports, to vandalism and street cleanliness complaints.

This data is gathered and compiled from 311 data, so it follows that the number of complaints are much lower than previous years due to lockdown and stay at home orders. These numbers will invariably increase as the year progresses, and might even progress at drastically higher rates as residents return to their commutes, and businesses ramp back up. Regardless, this data follows similar cyclical patterns, and offers a snapshot of a pandemic ‘starting point’ that can help inform San Francisco’s progress on its street conditions.

Residents can explore the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce’s StreetCare Data Dashboard and see the rate of graffiti, overflowing trash can complaints, homeless tent complaints, theft, and other street condition indicators at https://sfchamber.com/resources/data-statistics/. The StreetCareSF Data Dashboard provides visualizations of 311 data complaints broken out by neighborhood, so residents can see the concentration of complaints where they reside.

Of particular note in this new data: the rate of broken windows has had a 51% increase relative to 2019. This is a particularly concerning statistic, as broken windows are cited by small businesses as a major financial burden.

This data will help to inform, and I hope, guide our elected officials - although when it comes to safety on our streets, success is not measured in numbers, but if San Francisco employees, residents, and tourists feel safe walking down our streets.

~ San Francisco Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Rodney Fong

The StreetCareSF Dashboard

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