November 1, 2021, by Richard Pfister

Upcoming Client Dashboards - Snippets!

From cool data to snappy viz

We've been hunkered down the past month building out numerous client data dashboards, none of which are yet live to the public. As it's been a minute since we last posted to the blog, we thought we'd share a few snippets while we're hopped up on our kids' Halloween candy :)

We'll cover a range of examples here, with no particular rhyme or reason. Stay tuned over the coming days and weeks

Keeping Tabs on Diversity in High-earning Occupations

We like this visual for the ease of comparing total diversity to the white portion of employment, with supplementing detail by race in the same place. We are seeing a lot of demand for this kind of data in communities across the U.S. as DEI initiatives take root.

Data That Moves

Which employers are doing the hiring these days? Click the bar chart legend to bounce between total openings and 30-day % change and see what happens!

Tell Me, Which Way To the Jobs?

This commuting pattern data gives a detailed breakdown of a labor shed in one visual. Hover over stuff to highlight.

Are Community Colleges The Future?

More and more focus lately on the role of community colleges in educating the workforce of the future while plugging holes in the skillsets. This chart gives a nice breakdown of current graduate levels and a sparkline for the 15-year trend.

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