August 29, 2022, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch - Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Sector Dashboard

👀 Visual manufacturing industry data points to opportunity ahead

This blog post contains excepts from Invest Buffalo Niagara's press release, viewable here, written by Rob Leteste.

At the end of 2021, the Buffalo Niagara region was listed as a finalist in EDA's Build Back Better Challenge, all based on the strengths demonstrated by the advanced manufacturing industry, which has GRP of $13.2bn and employs almost 70k people.

The team at Invest Buffalo Niagara are regular users of economic and labor market data – you might called them power users even – and the next step in that trajectory has taken the form of a visual, dynamic data visualization dasboard for the community to see the same data. Communicating these data publicly allows the economic development team to connect and engage with partners, and generate growth for workers and manufacturing sector businesses alike.

Insights that have been drawn from the manufacturing data include:

  • - Buffalo Niagara has 31.6% more jobs in manufacturing than a typical region of its size
  • - While other regions are experiencing a decline in manufacturing jobs by over 7%, Western New York is growing
  • - The economic impact of food processing operations creates 2 to 5x as many jobs as it creates on its own
  • - Buffalo Niagara has 3x as many job postings in manufacturing than it had 5 years ago

This dashboard will inform our understanding of the manufacturing sector in Buffalo Niagara. This can help us all explain what kind of work is available and which sub-sectors in manufacturing are our strengths. We can also identify our needs for specific types of workers and recognize the lower inclusion rates of specific groups in our community.
With this data and dashboard, we can now see where we’re at. Now it is time to use this data to inform where are going next.
~ Rob Leteste, Invest Buffalo Niagara

Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Dashboard

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