May 31, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Client Launch: Greater Cleveland Partnership

A data visualization dashboard supporting the strategic plan

As the regional economic development organization for Cleveland, OH and the largest metro chamber in the United States, the Greater Cleveland Partnership, with over 12,000 business members, is a powerhouse organization. Despite having only five counties in the metro, greater Cleveland is a top 20 region in the U.S. Its presence among midwest economies is even more outsized.

Enter the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) All In Plan: built like a structural triangle, with a single mission at top (accelerating growth and prosperity), supported by four key metrics, and five programmatic priorities forming the base. Simple, yet powerful.

With the All In Plan fully baked and underway, the Greater Cleveland Partnership needed a way to communicate key data internally, amongst key stakeholders and eventually, to the public. They partnered with eIMPACT to make this data visualization project come to life. Unlike many of our blog posts we won't be able to share the full GCP here as it is not public yet (stay tuned for that later in the year). However, below is one visual illuminating one of the key metrics, benchmarked against peer regions:

The Dashboard Development Process

Working closely with the GCP team, eIMPACT developed the dashboard using its no-code data visualization platform. This technology allowed for rapid iterations during the set-up process, with just days in between turns. Using built-in data connectivity to demographic, economic and labor market information, along with custom data uploads, maintenance of the numerous data visualizations is simple. Self-service access for the GCP team allows them to upload new data for their internally collected measures as well as text and other dashboard elements.

We look forward to unveiliing the full dashboard later on, and many thanks to the fantastic Greater Cleveland Partnership for their collaboration!

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