November 2, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Dashboard Launch: Miami-Dade County

Economic Snapshot Dashboard

Residents, businesses, policymakers, media – anyone that wants to learn about the health of the Miami-Dade, FL economy now has place to go. The County's recently-launched data dashboard, called the Economic Snapshot, is accessible to all, right on the official County website.

Like many public sector organizations, access to data is not an issue for Miami-Dade County. The challenges that come to bear arise from the burden on staff time when trying to create a consistent reporting of economic, demographic and labor market data, and the ongoing data updates 😱

This is where eIMPACT comes in – a little help from the outside from a team that specializes in all things data visualization. And we're friendly, too! Within two weeks from start, the Miami-Dade Economic Snapshot was fleshed out, leaving a third week for fine tuning on text and layout. That's it! We only require feedback from clients while we build, with the eIMPACT team doing the heavy-lifting.

The Economic Snapshot features a set of buttons to navigate to six topic areas, with corresponding datasets / content in each:

  • - Labor Market
  • - Workforce
  • - Demographics
  • - Education Pipeline
  • - Housing Market
  • - Job Postings Trends
  • - Data Notes and Methodology

You can check it all out on the dashboard below, or visit the Miami-Dade County website:
View the dashboard

Miami-Dade County Economic Snapshot Dashbaord

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