November 30, 2023, by Richard Pfister

New Dashboard Launch: One Acadiana

Regional Data Covering Nine Louisiana Parishes

The purpose of One Acadiana's brand new Regional Data Dashboard is encapsulated well on the site itself:

Recognizing that “what gets measured gets improved,” the One Acadiana dashboard will track key metrics to provide an at-a-glance look at regional data on population, employment, education, and well-being. The dashboard provides objective data to help inform civic conversation on enhancing community vibrancy and growth.

Originally a Tableau dashboard, the One Acadiana Regional Dashboard got a makeover with eIMPACT. Our iterative process allows the client to guide the process, with our data team doing the heavy lifting of build-out and ongoing data updates.

The dashboard is broken up into four separate pages, navigable from the home screen:

  • - Population
  • - Employment
  • - Education
  • - Well-Being

You can check it all out on the dashboard below, or visit the One Acadiana website:
View the dashboard

One Acadiana Regional Dashbaord

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