Build a bright future for the construction market.

The contractors, workers and suppliers that transact everyday in the construction industry form a huge market. Producing more than $1 trillion in new structures every year, the construction industry employs 6 million Americans. Even more impactful is the demand for other manufacturing, mining and related services that the construction industry creates.

With effective policy the construction industry can be even better.

The problem is, old ways of lobbying policymakers are no longer enough. New strategies and tools, backed by open, transparent data, are needed to make the most out of the shifting political and legislative landscape.

eImpact Reports is purpose built to help leading industry associations advance their cause locally, regionally, and nationally.

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Industry Priorities

Associations focused on the Construction industry can use eImpact to effectively advocate for:

  • Supporting infrastructure spending
  • Reforming tax codes
  • Bolstering technical trade education