legislative district data

eImpact makes it easy to get data and reports that follow any district boundary.

District data = competitive advantage.

eImpact makes it possible to generate data and reports on the ever-changing legislative district – on demand. While your competition settles for the same old state and county stats, you can make data-backed arguments that stand out. Legislators care about their district. With eImpact, you can speak their language.


  • Key data for state house and senate districts
  • District benchmarks, trends and insights
  • Beautiful format, out of the box
  • Powerful, proven lobbying report


See how the president of a leading association drove policy results using eImpact.

how to use

Step 1

Choose your report type.

Step 2

Select your state and districts you need.

Step 3

Sit back while eImpact crunches the numbers.

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