January 10, 2023, by Erik Larson

New Client Dashboard - San Francisco Chamber Economic Indicators

From return of office workers to tourism to hiring demand

As the pandemic's effects on our economy evolve, so to has the focus of the San Francisco Chamber's Data & Statistics site, powered by eIMPACT. Today the Chamber announced its new Economic Indicators addition to the site, an update to the previous dashboard focused on the near-term pandemic impact.

One of the biggest topic areas of the Indicators dashboard addresses is the return to office of downtown workers. The Chamber is painting this picture through a combination of data including bridge crossings, office occupancy, transit ridership and restaurant reservations.

Other topic areas include employment data highlighting the differing rates of recovery from the Covid, Dot Com and 2008 Financial Crisis, data courtesy of JLL. There is also VC investment, jobs-to-housing ratio, SFO flight volumes, consumer price index, business formations, and hiring demand data.

The Economic Indicators dashboard, taken in its entirety, shines a light on the city's toughest problems moving forward, allowing the Chamber to not only inform stakeholders and the media, but also to advocate for policy.

We're grateful for the years of partnership with the San Francisco Chamber and look forward to what's to come!

SF Chamber Economic Indicators Dashboard

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